Saturday, July 14, 2012

Anton F. R. Gertsmayr . . . 15 Years Ago Today

15 Years Ago Today . . .
on July 14, 1997
My Grand Uncle, Anton Frank R. Gertsmayr
aka "Uncle Tony" passed away.
Here's a cool fact about Uncle Tony . . .
I'm sure we all remember chewing our Wrigley's Gum!
Well, Andrew Kappes & Anton Gertsmayr Invented
the Foil Wrap Machine for Wrigley's Gum!
How cool is that?
I can remember visiting and boy oh boy . . 
the boxes of Wrigley's Gum on that dining room table!
Kids Heaven!  (˘❥˘)
"Grab a Handful," he would say!
Anton Frank Gertsmayr
Born: May 3, 1899 - Chicago, Illinois
Death:  July 14, 1997, Chicago, Illinois
Patent 1,559,618
Package Delivery Mechanism For Wrapping Machine

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