Sunday, August 26, 2012

We've Been Married 28 Years Ago Today!

Wow! Twenty Eight Years Ago Today
We Were Married!
We are High School Sweethearts, and dated for
four years after High School before Marrying ~
So, I guess that's about 35 years together! 
100 Years Ago Today
Mark Jacob Degn Jeremiassen was Baptized.
Mark's relationship to me is
Great Grand Uncle of Husband.
Mark Jakob Degan Jeremiassen
{Read From The Bottom Up}
Mark Jakob Degan Jeremiassen (1912 - )
Relationship To You:  Grand Uncle of Husband
Father of Mark Jakob Degan
Daughter of Christian
Son of Jessi Marcella Lena
Son of Paul David
You are the wife of F. Paul

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