Friday, May 17, 2013

Bringing Family Together!

I received an email a few days ago through Ancestry.com
inquiring about Janice A. Bloedorn
 {My First Cousin 1x Removed}
asking if I had any information on Janice
as she was looking for her Nephew. 

After a few emails, exchanging information, I gave Alvina
the email address to my First Cousin, Santos Castellanos, Jr.,
& his wife Margaret whom she has been searching for! 

Here is the email I received today from Alvina!

Dear Sharon:
With eternal gratitude for sharing information of
Santos Jr.,  and Margaret Castellanos
as I have been searching  for my nephew for decades!!!
You are answer to prayers!!!

I am so excited and have sent Margaret an email
and eagerly await her reply. 

I was born in Chicago and then the children's father 

was raised in the Vincennes, Indiana area,
however his family moved to Chicago for work.
We met in High School, however, we wanted to raise 
our children in a rural area and Vincennes is just that.

Here is my info:
Alvina M. (nee Castellanos) Perry

My dear friend (name deleted) was gracious and kind enough
to set me up as an editor on her subscription to ancestry,
 which allows me to work and research family history.
And that is how I was able to make contact connection to you;
and Praise the Lord, now to finally find my nephew and niece. 
Looking forward to keeping in contact.
With forever love,

Seriously, How Cool Is That?
Nothing like bringing family members together again!

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