Saturday, June 30, 2012

102 Years Ago Today ~

If my Grandfather Edward J. Wagner were alive today . . .
He would have turned 102 Years Old!
His name was Edward Joseph Wagner, born on 30 June 1910
In Chicago, Illinois.
He passes away on 09 February 1976, in Santa Barbara, California.
He married my Grandmother Frances Elinore Siwinski.
Marriage date unknown, assuming between 1930 & 1934
in Cook County, Chicago, Illinois.
Father's name is Joseph, born in Germany
& Mother's name is Helen Radlow, born in Illinois.
(Info. from Death Certificate).
He was also married to Margaret Aileen Sullivan
in Davenport, Scott, Iowa in August 1940 and
was married to Stella Hall-Wagner at the time of his death.
This is pretty much all I know of him.
How sad is it that he lived only 3 hours from his grandchildren,
five of us, and we never met him!
I'm hoping that maybe - someone will read this and see a
connection and I can get answers for my family tree.
Or possibly, find some cousins!
Edward Joseph Wagner
1910 - 1976

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